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Finding the Best Solution in IT services

Our story

For more than 10 years, FBS Hungary has been contributing to the success of its customers’ businesses with the help of creative ideas and advices of its acknowledged members. We are able to handle resiliently the needs and expectations of our customers, whilst due to our long-term experience and deep knowledge in the world of IT, we can even compete with Multinational IT Consultant Companies. The main aim of our energetic, creative and reliable young group is to implement wide range of Internet-based technologies and other media services to the business of our customers, regardless the economic segment they come from.

The main characteristics of our work are accuracy, fastidiousness and efficiency, while we also put a great emphasis on human and natural values.


Today, in many spheres of our live, it is unavoidable to use various technological services and developments. According to this, we offer business and technological consultancy to the implementation and smooth operation of those services and other devices. Firstly, by using our creativity, communication skills, efficiency, experiences and knowledge, we are able to estimate quickly but prudentially the needs of our Customers and also the relating possibilities. After possessing all the relevant information, we establish a thorough plan and strategy, in order to perform business analysis to the given project. At the end, on the basis of the analysis, we present our recommendations, which are able to be adopted into practice immediately.


· Leading of IT projects
· Professional consultation
· Strategic planning
· Producing analysis
· Elaborating business and technical
  proposals and conceptions

High availability and cost-effective
network systems

For the smooth and reliable operation of a given organisation, that follows the today’s trends, and maximally satisfies the needs of its customers and partners, it is unavoidable to use and tend different software, hardware and other network and security devices and services. With our systems, long-term operating is ensured, and our Customers will not need to maintain and control them.


· System development
· System security
· System control
· Data protection and saving
· Antivirus systems
· Risk management
· Distribution of hardware and software and their audit

Development, operation
and maintenance of tailor-made programs

We have been working for many years in various international projects, mainly in the bank sector, but we have also participated in development and implementation of several systems in corporate management. We are mostly specialized in bank payment systems, thus we took part in several projects of multinational banks by adopting EUR, stock exchange systems, single international payment systems and services, from development stage through system analysis to the final migration of the systems.


· Development of unique software in IT, sport and architecture
· System integration
· System monitoring and optimisation
· Management of IT projects
· Strategic planning
· Professional consultations
· Infrastructure development


One of the main forces of today’s business life is information and most importantly it’s filtering. Thus a successful enterprise has to use the opportunities, provided by the internet. Every company tries to find the way to reach and keep in touch with their customers. To reach this goal (beside many), the establishment and maintenance of an own website is very useful and efficient. Since we possess an own robust server, our webhosting service provides different size of location, online and non-stop access, enabling continuous data transfer to the Customers.